You Don't Have To Be Rich To Travel


jenny chu with Clérifos Church in background

Is Porto safe? Generally speaking, yes. From my experience, I realized no matter where you are, you must always travel with caution and never leave anything valuable in the car. So many things happened in the 24 hours when we were in Porto. Toll roads malfunctioned and did not accept credit card payments. Our rental car was broken into. The Air B&B was a dump. To final straw was the bf losing… Read More

Successful Chase Sapphire Reserve Car Insurance Claim

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card is a life saver! I’ll show you how to file a Successful Chase Sapphire Reserve Car Insurance Claim. When I moved to Barcelona, I returned my car lease and I’ve been taking public transportation ever since. Occasionally I do go out of town and rent a car when needed but I don’t have any insurance that will cover me in case I get into an accident… Read More