Travel Tips for Quebec City

Quebec City is a travel destination that you will want to visit because of its charm and historic picturesque sites. We visited for 2 days and were certainly impressed by how nice the French speaking natives were and the food did not disappoint. In this small town, no car is needed as can walk everywhere. During our 2 day stay we didn’t even use public transportation. In this blog you’ll find the essential travel tips for Quebec City.

Tip: On Sundays and even on Mondays some restaurants/shops are closed.


1 USD = $1.33 CAD
Though most establishments accept credit cards, I do recommend making a one time withdrawal from a bank ATM to have a little cash on hand.

SIM Card

SIM cards are very expensive in Canada. According to my research, a SIM costs approximately $40 USD for 6gb of data. Luckily I have Verizon and they charge $5/day however downfall is that after using 500 mb, the the data is slowed down to snail speed.

Tip: Download the google offline maps and bookmark all the locations you want to visit. The app will give you driving directions but NO walking directions. This should be suffice to get around town.

Travel Cost Breakdown for Quebec City

BCN –> YUL (Montreal)  Air Transat $308 but we booked through the Chase UR Portal for 30,820 points. If you’re checking a bag for this particular airline, be sure to purchase it online BEFORE 24 hours. I didn’t do this so I was charged $66 USD when it could’ve been bought at the time of purchase for $42 USD

Train from Montreal to Quebec CityVia Rail
ViaRail: $35 USD each way. You want to take the train to Québec Gare Du Palais. The trains are pretty nice with wifi and overhead storage for carryon suitcase. If you are departing from the Montreal station and have a big luggage, you can check it in for free! Also, they offer storage at the station for $6 CAD. You don’t need to print out the tickets – a boarding pass on your mobile device will work.

AirB&B – $48/night It’s a 23 minute walk from the train station. If you’re looking to splurge, stay at the famous Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.

What To Do in Quebec City

Like every city, you can find a range of free walking tours or go on a food tour starting at $50 USD.

I like to go on my own time and I know what I like to eat so with that being said, here are my recommendations:

Places To Eat In Quebec City

If you’re looking for a cozy cafe to take a break or kill time before checkin or train ride, check out these two:

So that’s it for my 2 day travel tips for Quebec City. If I were to return, I definitely want to check out Montmorency Falls and other off the beaten path gems. Also, if you can deal with freezing temperatures, check out Quebec City during Christmas time to experience a magical holiday spirit.

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