How to Renew My Non Lucrative Visa in Spain

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So you’ve been living in Spain on your 1 year visa (click on how to apply) and now it’s coming to an end.I have been stressing out on How To Renew My Non Lucrative Visa In Spain. First, it’s impossible to get an appointment online. Second, I will be out traveling when my visa aka residency card expires so I needed to get all the necessary paperwork in before leaving the country. After contacting to help “secure” an appointment, let’s just say it was a waste of 90€. Turns out, this service wasn’t necessary at all. The required paperwork needed and process to renew my non lucrative visa was found by researching online. Of course, some websites weren’t very clear so I think you’ll appreciate the details in this blog.

Please note, these are instructions on How To Renew My Non Lucrative Visa In Spain. I imagine the work visas and student visas are different.

Do I Need An Appointment To Renew?

To take the pressure off, let’s begin by saying that you do NOT need an appointment. That’s right guys! When I contacted NIEBarcelona, I was under the impression that they had secured an appointment for me and that the process would be in and out. We all know how impossible it can be to get an appointment IN the city. At first they told me to meet at Placa St. Miguel, 3 at 12:30pm today (January 2nd.) My contact would bring my “appointment confirmation.” Then, a last minute email was received and instructions were to meet at Calle Bergara, 12. Upon arrival there was a line out the door. Guess what? There never was a “confirmed” appointment to begin with. Realizing that my 90€ went to a chick to stand in line and hang out with me was really frustrating. Save your money and do it my way.

how to renew my non lucrative visa in spain

Calle Bergara, 12 (Near Placa Catalunya) Office Hours

Tip: You can start applying for your renewal 60 days prior to expiry date. The good thing about this renewal is that it will be good for TWO years.

Required Paperwork

  1. EX-01 Form The first 2 pages are necessary. In section 4, select “1a Renovacaión” and “Titular de autorización de residencia no lucrativa previa Inicial/Renovada.
  2. Original Passport + Photocopy of EVERY SINGLE PAGE

    They require you to spend a minimum for 180 days in Spain for your application to be approved.

  3. Copy of NIE card – front & back How To Renew My Non Lucrative Visa In Spain
  4. Proof of Sufficient Funds For 2 Years2,130€/month so 51,120€ in a bank account. That amount is required for the two year renewal. This is the difficult part since you have to prove to them that you’re financially independent. (Where do they come up with these amounts?)  When I contacted NIEBarcelona, the advisor mentioned the money had to be in a Spanish bank account. WRONG! No way in hell was I was going to transfer that sum of money into a bank account here in Spain. Fortunately, every Thanksgiving we visit my family in the states. When banking with Wells Fargo, there is an option of having your statements in Spanish. Print out the last 3 months, get it notarized, and go to the LA office to get the Apostille Stamp. Then get the documents translated by a sworn translator here in Barcelona. To learn how I did the Apostille Stamp, you can refer back to my initial post on how I got my visa here.Sworn translator in Barcelona: Elisa Palaín Lorenz – Apostille page and notary page were translated (25€/page)
  5. Proof of Medical Insurance How To Renew My Non Lucrative Visa In Spain

    Requirements are 0 deductible and 0 copay. Previously, my Sanitas health plan cost about 80€/month. Too expensive in my opinion.. Now that I’ve switched over to AME Insurance,  the monthly costs are now 37€/month.

    Contact: – Rosa speaks English and will provide you all necessary documentation to bring to your renewal.

  6. Empadronamiento (less than 3 months old)

    Search for the closest office. On google maps, type in Oficina Del Ayuntamiento. Bring your ID and obtain your paperwork at the red automated kiosk.

  7. Tax Form 790-052

    Hover the mouse over “Barcelona” and click.. Fill out the form and mark 2.2. Finally, scroll down and click “Obtain Document.” Print out all 3 pages. Bring those documents to a bank and pay 15.92€. Furthermore, HOLD ON TO THAT RECEIPT!
    Tasa 790-052 how to renew my non lucrative visa in spain
    how to renew my non lucrative visa in spain

The Day Of Your Renewal

After you’ve double checked that you have all the necessary documents, head down to Oficina De Extranjería – Calle Bergara, 12

How long did the process take? From the time of standing in line until I was out the door was about 2 hours.

Once you enter the building, to the right is a clerk sitting at a desk. Mention you are there for a renewal and a number will be issued. Have a seat in the next room until your number is called. The clerk will check all your documents, scan everything AND return ALL your paperwork.

These 3 documents are proof that your visa renewal is being processed

  • EX-01 form – stamped on the top right
  • 790-052 Tax form – stamped with blue ink
  • Payment receipt for the 790-052 Tax Form – also stamped with a blue ink

How To Check Your Visa Status Application

To check the status, go here:

Enter your NIE number, DATE OF APPOINTMENT (not the expiration) and the year you were born. After 2 weeks, a favorable letter popped up! Yay!
how to check visa status spain application

Autorización De Regreso

Going out of the country before you get your new card? If so, an Autorización De Regreso (valid 90 days from date of issue) is required to get back into Spain. Please keep in mind that if you have a layover in any other EU country other than Spain, those countries might not allow you to continue your travel back to Spain.

Fingerprinting (Updated April 24, 2018)

After my 5 week vacation, entry back to Spain was a breeze. The immigration officer barely looked at my Autorizacion de Regreso paperwork. Looking back at the favorable letter, it mentioned going to the nearest police station to do fingerprints. Sounds easy right? WRONG! After showing up at the police station on Mallorca, the clerk told me an appointment was needed. Here we go again! Remember, you can only do fingerprinting AFTER your card expires.

Step 1: This is the link to make the appointment:

Here’s a tip – every Monday at 8:00 am the release appointments. When I did it, it was for 3 weeks out. You can also check around 3pm – 5pm in case someone cancels. A few people tried that and had some luck.

For some reason the drop down button doesn’t work unless you click “volver” first.

Fingerprint appointment barcelona spain

Click “Volver” first!

Step 2:

Fingerprint appointment barcelona spain

Now you can select Barcelona in the drop down menu

Step 3:

Fingerprint appointment barcelona spain

For fingerprinting, select the last option.

Fingerprint4 Requirements

These are the required paperwork you need to bring. I will go over it below.

Fingerprint appointment barcelona spain

Enter your information

Fingerprint appointment barcelona spainRequired Paperwork That You Must Bring

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. NIE approval letter
  3. Passport
  4. Old residency card
  5. Passport photo – must be different photos from previous card.
  6. ANOTHER stupid TAX Form 790 012 – Should be 18.73€. Check the circle that says “.TIE que documenta la renovación de la autorización de residencia temporal o la prórroga de la estancia o de la autorización para trabajadores transfronterizos.”
  7. Padron

My appointment took less than 30 minutes. The “receipt” received after this process states a lot number. To check if your card is ready, go to this website:

How To Renew My Non Lucrative Visa In Spain

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  1. has anyone gone through the process of permanent residency after 5 years of Non Lucrative Visa? My 5 years will be done soon and I will like to apply for Permanent residency now. step by step guide like this will be very useful from people they have already acquired permanent resident after completing their 5 years on Non Lucrative Visa. Happy Halloween

  2. Anyone have any updates to the process in era of Covid? My second 2-year visa is coming up in February 2021 and was wondering…


    • I did pareja de hecho during COVID. I think the most important thing is to get that online digital certificate (your electronic signature). One of the biggest pain in the ass process to do. I was supposed to have an appointment but then lockdown happened so I ended up scanning all documents and uploading onto their website

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