Budget Travel Guide To Galicia

If you’re visiting Spain, you may have heard that some restaurants offer free tapas with a drink. Well, that sure does not happen in Barcelona. This Budget Travel Guide To Galicia concentrating on the areas of Vigo & Moaña will help you prepare for your trip.

Luckily the bf’s family is from Moaña (region in Galicia) so I get a chance to experience the local tradition here. We come here about 3x – 4x/year to visit family and it’s nice to take a break from the city and eat tons of seafood, especially mussels, oysters, and the famous Galician octopus. People here speak Galician (yes its own language) and it sounds more like Portuguese but I think you’ll be okay if you speak/understand Spanish.


Flight map from Barcelona to Vigo Budget Travel Guide To Galicia

Barcelona (BCN) –> Vigo (VGO) – RyanAir or Vueling – as low at $27 USD Round Trip (1hr 50min flight) Please note that Vueling allows a carry-on suitcase as well as a personal item. RyanAir only allows for 1 personal item; carry-on suitcases will be an extra charge.

If you’re staying in Vigo, you don’t really need a car. The town is about 15 minutes from the airport and there are plenty of taxis. The train station and ferry station are walking distance.
If you come during the summer and want to visit the beaches or drive to Portugal to eat the best “bacalao” ever, a car is recommended.

Where To Stay

There are plenty 4 star hotels in Vigo starting as low as $51USD. If you want to stay somewhere more secluded and quieter, I recommend Hotel-Spa Beinestar Moaña with rates starting as low as $76USD/night.

Hotel Options in Vigo Budget Travel Guide To Galicia
4 Star Hotels in Vigo
Moana Hotel
4 Star Hotel in Moaña

Ferry Transportation between Vigo & Moaña

Ferries run from 6:30 am – 10:30 pm every day. A quick 15 minutes gets you from point to the other.
One way ticket: 2.20€
The ferry usually departs from Vigo at :30 and from Moaña at :00. Look for this ferry (Nabia) and pay for your ticket on board. Cash or card accepted. If you have a dog with you, a muzzle is required.

Free Tapas

Let’s begin with the fact that whenever you order a drink whether it be a soda, bottled water, a cup of wine or coffee, you get a free tapa(s)! With drinks only costing around 2€ you can be sure to stretch your money and be full of the tapas. If you’re a foodie and a budget traveler like me, you are in tapa heaven!

Here are a couple places I recommend in the Vigo area.

  1. Gran Cerveceria El Puerto (Beautiful views of the pier)
    Rua Montero Rios, 10, Vigo, Spain

La Porchaba – corner restaurant great for people watching – Total: 4.20€
C/Rosalia de Castro, Vigo Spain

Bar Aldeana – tucked away in an alley but very lively
Rua Rosalia de Castro, 6 Bajo, Vigo, Spain
Bar Aldeana

Here are a couples places I recommend in the Moaña area.

Ovella Negra – Conveniently located on the main strip
Avenida Concepcion Arenal, 17, Moaña, Spain
Ovella NegraRestaurante Marusia – Beautiful views!
Avenida Jose Costa Alonso, 96, Moaña, Spain
Restaurante Marusia


4. Posito Moaña – awesome views of the water front and a nice huge terrace
Cofradía de Pescadores, Av. de Concepción Arenal, 33, Moaña, Spain


This is a recommended dining experience if you come to Vigo Spain. A furancho is when a house or establishment has a surplus of wine and you pretty much go there to dine at their house. It’s not a small house but a large property with tables set up like a restaurant. They serve tons of wine as well as a large variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables. Usually furanchos are usually open from December – June.
Champalle Unha Gaseosa – (Open year round) located deep in the woods but with a beautiful view of the city. Around 10€ per person and you will leave feeling completely satisfied. Make sure to try their Licor Cafe – a traditional homemade specialty. Most restaurants offer this as a complimentary dessert drink.
Poblado Cernello, 22, 36914 Cernello, Pontevedra
+34 986 70 34 49

Things To Do

Castelo De Castro Park (Fortress/Park)

Castelo De Castro Park

If you want to get a little exercise, I suggest coming here. Lots of steps but beautiful views from the very top. Budget Travel Guide To Galicia

Santiago De Compostela (Capitol of Galicia)

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Pilgrims walk “Camino de Santiago” (aka “The Way of Saint James”) to Santiago De Compostela as a form of spiritual path or retreat for their spiritual growth. The most popular route starts from St. Jean Pied de port in France and finishes here. It usually takes about 30-35 days to complete so you’re looking at walking 14 – 16 miles/day.

Santiago 2

Certain days of the year, they do Botafumeiro which is the cleansing of the air. It takes 8 men to operate this silver-plated object with incense and they swing it across the entire church. For dates of when this occurs, please click here.

The easiest way to get to Santiago De Compostela is by the Renfe train from Vigo Urzáiz Station (14.80€ Round trip) and it drops you off right in the center.

Fiestas del Carmen – 16th of July – Every Year

The Virgin Carmen is the protector of all the sailors in this region. The ceremony starts at the church and the statue is brought onto a boat and sailed around the port with firework celebrations at each point. I went this year (2017) and it was a very awesome experience. Make sure to find someone with a boat so you can hop on and enjoy the ride.

Valença do Minho in Portugal – The Fortress

Directions: Just type in Valenca do Minho in your google maps and it will show up.

The drive from Vigo is about 35 minutes and NO tolls are required. The entrance is free however there is a small parking fee (a couple euros). There’s a bunch of shops and restaurants set up there. I come here just to eat the famous bacalao which is cod fish with mayonnaise and potatoes. I know it’s a weird combination but it’s sooooo good.


Restaurante Bom Jesus – Order their famous bacalao (codfish)
Largo Bom Jesus, 4930, Valenca, Portugal

I’m not much of a club-goer but I hear that the nightlife in Vigo is popping. I’m sure there are tons of other activities to do here but I just wanted to share my experience with everyone so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

If you enjoyed my Budget Travel Guide To Galicia and want to explore more of Spain, click here.

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