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This year for my birthday I revisited San Sebastián. Having been there last year (you can read my blog here), I knew what to expect and I had a better idea of how to plan my very own San Sebastian Food Guide. I also learned that no matter how much research you do, sometimes things don’t work out! For example some restaurants were closed, either because of renovations or maybe because of… Read More

basilica de santa maria san sebastián

San Sebastián and Bilbao was a fantastic getaway from the Barcelona heat. We started at the food capital of Spain, San Sebastián. Then we took a bus to Bilbao to visit “Dragonstone” the well known show Game of Thrones and the famous Guggenheim Museum. The basque language is quite interesting because no one really knows where it originated from, though I got by fine just speaking English and Spanish. Tip WHAT TO… Read More