Living With Confidence Post Mastectomy

Happy 3 year anniversary to me!

Mental Health

Losing my breasts was a traumatic experience, but nothing could prepare me for what life would be like after the double mastectomy surgery. I was left feeling mutilated, less attractive, and anger and depression consumed me for a long time. What an ugly scar I have to look at every single day, a painful reminder that I am indeed a warrior.

It took me a while to really accept that this is what my breasts were going to look like and that there was always a chance the cancer could come back. With the support of friends and online support groups I re-gained my confidence, however my anxiety still remains and the thought of the cancer coming back overwhelms me.


Physical Changes

Self esteem and mental health go hand in hand. Re-building my self esteem was definitely a challenge and a slow process but I am happy with the results. I’m focusing on my fitness: hiking, snowboarding and going to the gym. But I can’t say the same for food. I’m eating whatever I want and still drinking my wine everyday. What can I say? Living in Barcelona you can’t say no to wine!

None of my old bras really fit me anymore. I wear them sometimes but the wire makes it so uncomfortable. Till this day I barely have any feeling in my breasts, but I’ve learned to accept that.

Check Ups

Annually I get my blood tests done and this year I will get a scan (super anxious about this)

Just wanted to keep this short and sweet! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Jenny Chu - 20190113-1241Jenny Chu - 20190113-1260

Special thanks to Rey Trajano and Julian Morales for making me look beautiful for my photoshoot.

Photographer: Rey Trajano
MUA: Julian Morales
Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. Elizabeth Kim – Cedar Sinai
Breast Surgeon: Dr. Armando Giuliano – Cedar Sinai
Oncologist: Dr. Mary El-Masry – Cedar Sinai

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4 Comments on “Living With Confidence Post Mastectomy

  1. I can’t imagine that must have been such a traumatic experience but you are looking f***cking fierce in these photos. Seriously you look beautiful.

      • Well, no, but I was born with medical issues that left my body a bit of a mess and have had several rounds of plastic surgery to correct it. I’ll never be perfect but I have also had some of my scars tattooed over so now I feel pretty, damn sexy despite not looking 100%, ‘normal!’

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